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Which trees will be cut?

The most marketable timber, or what the landowner wants cut. I prefer to select cut.

How long will it take you to cut my timber?

Most of our contracts are for at least 1 year - sometimes longer. The timber has to be removed within that time limit.

How will I be paid for my timber?

There are 2 ways to be paid.

1.  Lump Sum.  A timber sale in which a single payment is made.

2.  Sale by Ton.  A timber sell in which the seller is paid a certain amount for each ton.

Do we need a contract?

To reduce the possibility of misunderstanding and disagreements, a written contract between the buyer and the seller is absolutely essential. Most mills require a contract and timber deed to purchase your timber.

Is timber taxable?

Timber is a capital asset. Tax provisions change frequently, and sometimes drastically.  You should consult your tax accountant when planning your timber sale.

How often should I sell my timber?

You need not sell your timber frequently. If the timber is managed right, you could have many years of income from a mature timber stand.


Common Questions you may have regarding timber cutting and your experience with us.


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